Pesos and Sense Episode 3 (Video) about Insurance

            The 3rd Episode of Pesos and Sense is about Insurance.  The host of the show, Aya Laraya, mentioned that it has a controversial or negative reputation in the country mainly because Filipinos needed more information about it. 

            But the truth is, we all need Insurance because it is the main investment instrument we can use to protect our other investments. The first video explains why we need Insurance to protect our investments like savings and property against Estate Tax (which is 20% of the total amount of assets/investments). I believe the other reason why we need Insurance is to protect our dreams for our family and loved ones. 

             The third video is about Understanding Technical Analysis by Citiseconline's Juanis Barredo which is the study of movement of prices according to supply and demand.

                Lastly, the question and answer part by Aya.

               Enjoy watching and happy learning!

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